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Healthy Diet, Healthy Dog

2014-01-20 21:26:55 admin

Processed dog food isn’t the optimum nutrition choice for your dog. It’s been manufactured to meet requirements, but your dog isn’t getting the types of nutrition he really needs to have optimum health. Natural foods are a better source of nutrition for your dog.

Whether you buy a natural dog food or you opt to make your own dog food, just understand that your dog needs human grade food that is free from preservatives and fillers. Natural dog food is about fulfilling specific needs for your dog after all no one knows your canine pal better than you.

If you’re purchasing a natural dog food, read the label to make sure there are no unnecessary filler ingredients such as corn, wheat, or soy. Dogs have short, efficient digestive systems, that’s why they can eat garbage and often suffer little to no ill effects. This also means every bite they take should be filled with nutrition.

Raw meats are among the healthiest for your dog. It has a high moisture content and will help keep his kidneys healthy. Good things to look for are eggs and eggshells, meats such as beef, buffalo, and venison. Also, chicken, turkey, emu, rabbit and salmon are all healthy meat choices. A range of 75% to 80% of your dog’s protein should be derived from meat sources. If you’re buying a natural food that has less, you will need to supplement your dog’s protein needs. A good breakdown for that 75% 20% skin and fat, 20% organ meats and 35% muscle meat. Bones are okay too if they meet some requirements. They should never have been cooked in any way or from meat that’s been preserved in any way. Bones that are not fresh and raw can become brittle and splinter.

The remaining 25% of your dog’s diet can be supplemented in the form of vegetables. If you’re reading labels, look for carrots, celery, sweet potatoes as good choices. Broccoli is great for some dogs, but can cause bloating and gas in others. Other great additives are flax oil, yogurt, and kelp.

If you feed a natural dog food that you buy or make sure to keep your dog’s bowl clean since bacteria can harbor there. If you don’t want to expose your pooch to dishwashing soap residue, just clean using pure white vinegar and hot water. Then let air dry, the smell of the vinegar will go away as the bowl dries.

Using a natural dog food makes good sense. Many canine ailments are often due to deficiencies in the diet. By meeting nutritional needs, you’re not only extending the lifespan of your dog, but avoiding costly vet visits in the future.


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Benefits of Glucolic Acid

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Glycolic acid has become a quite common and sought after ingredient in many skin-care products. It is an alpha hydroxy acid or AHA and it is used to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells and opening blocked pores.

Glycolic acid is available to consumers in both over-the-counter and by prescription formulas. It comes in many different forms and consistencies and may be used alone or with other beauty products. AHA’s are present in facial cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, skin peels, wrinkle reducers, spot-faders and many other skin-care products.
The popularity of glycolic acid has soared due to its tremendous results in treating acne, evening out skin tone, reducing the appearance of scars, adding elasticity back to the skin and reducing signs of premature aging. There is even research suggesting that glycolic acid may help treat rosacea and other chronic skin conditions. Glycolic acid works because it removes the old, dull skin cells and uncovers new fresh, healthy-looking skin. The benefits of this skin treatment are no secret and are continually expanding with experimentation and research. Glycolic acid never stops working, because it is constantly uncovering new skin leaving brighter skin and smaller pores. Many consumers have even remarked that the results of glycolic acid improve with repeated use and have become long-term users of these products.


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Tips for filing bankruptcy in Orange County, Ca

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There are some things one should know and do before filing bankruptcy in Orange County, CA. One should always consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. That way a person can be advised if they have enough debt to file bankruptcy, and which chapter to file. There are certain debts that cannot be resolved through bankruptcy. Student loans and taxes owed to the government, can’t be discharged. An attorney can advise as to which debts can be discharged. The first thing that should be done before seeing an attorney, is sit down with all bills, and see make a running list, of all accounts, amount owed, date of last payment etc. All accounts, like stocks, bonds, etc. should be noted and kept on a ledger. Know that in order to file bankruptcy, people that file must take a credit financial responsibility course before they can even file.

So in that vein, people seriously considering filing bankruptcy, should keep aside funds to take all required classes. Make sure all your sources of income are documented in the ledger. People can file bankruptcy on their own, but then they are well on their own. The process for filing bankruptcy and seeing it through to fruition is extremely complicated, and takes the skills and experienced of a proven legal professional to make sure no stone is unturned. Those that have an experienced trustworthy attorney on their side and in their corner, will fair much better than those without an attorney. They have the peace of mind that their case was handled properly.


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Top 5 Tips on Preventing Heart Diseases

2013-07-27 16:27:56 admin

Heart diseases are considered as the main cause many deaths around the world. This does not mean that you have to accept it as your destiny.  There are some preventive measures that you can take. Adopt a healthy life and prevent any disease related to the heart. Below are some effective tips.

·         Set aside 30 minutes to do some exercises every day.  Combine these with a healthy lifestyle and you will reduce the chances of developing heart diseases.

·         Stop smoking if you are a smoker; there are some harmful chemicals found in the tobacco and lead to malfunctioning of the heart. It makes the arteries narrower and can lead to a heart attack.

·         Lose any bad weight that you may have. This will not only help you prevent heart diseases but also high blood pressure and diabetes.

·         Eat healthy foods that do not contain too much fat.  Plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet will do you more good. Cholesterol causes coronary artery disease.

·         Go for health check up regularly; get the blood pressure and cholesterol checked by a doctor. This can help you know when your body is not doing well.

.Apart from leading a healthy life, see your doctor for heart diseases at least once per year.

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